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Bore Head

The Worm is fitted with a bore head that can be replaced according to the desired operation.

We are able to develop each Worm for specific applications at costs much lower than the purchase, insurance, and maintenance costs of traditional drilling equipment.

Radar Surveying

In the head assembly of the Worm is a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) transmitter, allowing instant data feedback.

The GPR functions as a precise surveying tool in mineral extraction applications and can be used for search and rescue operations.

Flexible Movement

The segmented body of the Worm allows easy maneuvering with remote steering to navigate the trickiest geography.

This allows for surveying, extraction, or even delivery of emergency goods in areas inaccessible by traditional drilling.

Highly Portable

The Worm is connected to the surface by a dual-layered umbilical and can be powered by a basic 9000W electric & gasoline generator.

This enables it to deploy quickly for intense and/or elongated operations in regions of limited or disrupted energy resources.

Use Cases

Mining Applications

The mining industry has experienced years of increasing difficulties. Across the board operating costs and environmental limitations have been rising faster than new operating solutions can accommodate. To list only a few:

  • Lack of experienced labor
  • Heightened seismic activity
  • Increasing climate/geographical restrictions
  • Slow or nonexistent advances to provide power to secluded but mineral-rich regions
  • Expensive equipment operation/maintenance

The Solution

The Tachyon Worm showcases a unique, innovative method of extraction and operation. By design, it allows for “surgical” extraction of minerals unobtainable through existing technologies, tools, and methods.

Engineers can operate the Worm to scan for specific mineral frequencies, receive real-time imaging, and plot a course for extraction. The Worm removes the limitations of traditional drilling and greatly expands the viability of areas that until now would have been too limiting to justify the cost and risks of a mining operation.

Regardless of the resource you hope to extract, Tachyon can construct a specific assembly of the Worm adapted to any environment or operation. From the type of bore head and bits to the material of the body, every piece can be suited to specific projects.

Quick Deploy

Because the Worm can operate from a standard 9000W electric & gasoline generator, extensive project operation planning gets simplified. The Worm can begin scanning within minutes to get imaging and quickly move the process along.

Remote Operation

Rather than requiring qualified and trained excavation operators to remain on-site during the project, a trained engineer can operate the Worm remotely. With a network setup, the engineer could operate from anywhere in the world.

Decreased Risk

Both considering machine operations and environmental factors, the Worm provides the opportunity to drastically cut risk factors that are driving the labor force to other fields, increasing insurance costs, and causing a growing concern about litigation.

Search & Rescue

The Worm’s applications in search and rescue situations are many. With quick deploy, instant radar scanning, a bore head that can be fitted to chew through any material, and a hollow body for delivering essentials, first-responders have a new invaluable resource for emergency search and rescue.

Aerial Deploy

The Worm can be fixed to a helicopter to scan during flight and locate trapped individuals, whether in a building or under 15 feet of snow. It can then be deployed via dual winch and power source line to begin digging and expedite the rescue.


Once the Worm reaches an emergency victim, responders can remotely communicate and provide hope, medical instruction, acting as the life-saving force even before a complete rescue is possible.


Given the diversity of the Worm drill technology developed by Tachyon aerospace, it also lends itself to dealing with the reinforcement of the ground by being able to drill a latticed network of 12″ conduits within the hillside or the risk management area. These would be filled afterwards with Adrok reinforced with Basalt fibres, creating a series of large ridged structures within the ground similar to a root network from trees and plant life helping to reinforce the ground.

Also, the application of internal flood drains to take away excess water creates an effective solution in a much-needed area of concern within the environmental agency remit, giving the ability to pre-empt and shore up risk management areas to create a safer environment.

Safer Environment

By reinforcing known environmental areas of concern, the Worm significantly reduces the risks and liabilities of landslides, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. This not only saves lives but also decreases the financial and environmental impact of disasters.

Preemptive Solution

Rather than rescue and repair after a disaster, the Worm’s radar technology can be used to help identify problematic areas before they cause issues and cost lives. This creates an opportunity to preemptively solve a landslide problem or prevent a recurring one before its next event.

Civil Applications

The speed and efficiency of the Worm makes it an attractive solution for many civil applications. Projects which traditionally require a team of several workers, operating expensive and heavy machinery, may only need one or two individuals with the help of the Worm. Many projects requiring tunneling or underground routing can be handled with significantly less cost, time commitments, and effects on the landscape using the Worm.

Network Lines

The current methods for laying or repairing underground lines and drilling small tunnels requires heavy, expensive equipment. With the Worm, a much smaller team could install or repair lines in much less time, with less cost, than traditional processes.

Landscape Preservation

The need to dig a ditch the entire length of an underground line is eliminated with the Worm. Installation of new lines can be completed with only two holes in the ground to prevent repairing costly landscaping, and radar can locate damaged lines.

Less Traffic Interruptions

Many projects are located near roadways, causing lengthy traffic delays and increasing laborer and driver risks. The Worm helps minimize both by removing the need for large and heavy equipment, and project timelines are significantly reduced.

Currently Seeking Investment

We believe in the Worm’s ability to perform and become attractive across several industries because of its wide practical applications. Tachyon is currently seeking investors to help bring this project to its full potential. If you are interested, please contact us below.